Nationwide Foundation’s funded work given support from housing minister

This week at 10 Downing Street, research funded by the Nationwide Foundation was launched at an event urging senior council leaders to make it easier for people on modest incomes to build their own homes. The research findings were applauded by Brandon Lewis the housing minister and Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs who both spoke at the event.

It is well-known that more housing is desperately needed, including more affordable homes. In the UK, roughly 8% of homes are built or commissioned by people every year, yet in many other European countries the proportion is nearer 50%.

As part of its Decent Affordable Homes strategy, the Nationwide Foundation funded the National Custom and Self Build Association to look at ways in which self-building could be expanded in the UK enabling people on modest incomes to build their own affordable homes.

The event in Westminster was the culmination of the project and included the launch of a toolkit to support local councils identify practical actions to increase the number of affordable homes created this way.