Working together

Across all our work, we believe in the importance of collaborating, convening, connecting and championing as a key approach to creating systems change.

We know that working alone will only take us so far, so when we can see meaningful opportunities, we help to link people together to achieve shared goals.

Sometimes that means suggesting ways that groups and organisations can work together to effect greater change. It can also mean bringing people together in a room or on a call to share ideas, or connecting them with the person they need to make things happen. We also use our voice and networks to share and amplify important messages where they most need to be heard.

Our collaborative approach means working with a broad range of people and organisations who share our vision, including charitable organisations, housing stakeholders, key opinion-formers, parliamentarians and policy-makers.

Committing to working with others is really important to us. Together, we can pool expertise, stakeholder reach and voice to build the power of the collective. Through connecting, convening, collaborating and championing, we can change the system.

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