The story of our strategy 

The Decent Affordable Homes strategy began in 2013 and we remain deeply committed to it today. The aim has always been to increase the availability of decent, affordable homes for people in housing need.

The strategy is split into different delivery phases; and using the lessons we’ve learnt along the way, the strategy has matured and evolved. We are now in our third phase. 

Phase One (2013-16)

In phase one we ran three programmes, which developed our early knowledge of how to deliver change to UK housing. Our three programmes were:

  • Bringing Empty Properties into Use
  • Improving the Private Rented Sector
  • Alternative Housing Models

Notable among the learning from phase one was an appreciation of the contribution and potential of community-led housing; an awareness of the depth of complexity and problems facing tenants in the private rented sector; and an appetite to test and learn new solutions.

Phase Two (2016-21)

Using the insight from phase one, in 2016 we decided that phase two should be a deliberate shift towards influencing changes to the housing system to tackle the the dire lack of decent, affordable homes.

With systemic change front of mind, our funding and our actions were all undertaken with a belief that each could be a small but important step towards a potentially larger contribution to changing the housing system.

During this phase, we developed three programmes which evolved from their predecessors in phase one. The success and relevance of these programmes mean they have remained in place in phase three:

  • Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System
  • Backing Community-Led Housing
  • Transforming the Private Rented Sector

Phase Three (2021-2024)

We have come a long way since 2016. We have greater knowledge, confidence, skills and understanding of what needs to happen to change the housing system, and how we can meaningfully contribute.

We are now working in phase three and have retained the programmes from phase two, as their outcomes are still highly relevant and important. Therefore, we are continuing to generate evidence and also using it to effectively influence for change. In deciding our strategy, we were certain that funded work should be given the time and opportunity to fulfil its potential.

In phase three we have also introduced a strategic stream of work that will lead to a much better understanding of the housing system by creating a systems map. The map will be used to identify ways that the sector can be changed, as well as which stakeholders are best placed to achieve success. More about phase three here.

Beyond Phase Three

We are committed to our Decent Affordable Homes strategy until at least 2031, and it could be that we extend it beyond that date. We know that systemic change to the housing system will take persistence and patience. It will be many years until we see the big changes that we ultimately seek, so we are getting the right stepping stones in place along the journey to allow us to reach our final destination. We have a strong faith in the importance of the work we do and the immense positive impact it could have on future generations.

What we're doing now