Our values: Who we are

Our values shape the decisions we make, from big to small. They reflect the way we have conversations, the way we work with others and individually, and the way we see the world. We believe our values are the guiding lights that will allow us to achieve our mission: to increase the availability of decent affordable homes for people in need by using our funding and other assets to influence changes to the housing system.

    We are courageous

    Changing systems requires ambition, action and conviction. Driven by our mission and compassion, we take measured risks and bold steps to explore the system and to influence those with the power to change it. We are not afraid to ask difficult questions, to challenge our own thinking or to try an approach for the first time. We are independent thinkers who confront stereotypes, nurture innovation and break down barriers in our work to make the housing system fairer for people in need.

    We are collaborative

    We value the experience, expertise and views of others. We believe that the greatest success comes from collaboration and in pursuing collective goals. To achieve this, we listen to voices from across the spectrums of backgrounds, politics and beliefs. We convene, connect and champion those diverse voices to learn from each other and influence change in the UK housing system. Committed to social justice and inclusivity, we are equitable, decent and empathic in all our dealings with others.

    We trust

    Our integrity, transparency and credibility means that we are trusted for our knowledge. We do what’s right and take decisions by considering which action will lead to the greatest long-term improvement in the lives of people in need. In turn, we place trust in our colleagues and in our partners, creating an environment in which they have the space to do their best work.

    We are evidence-led

    Our work is led by evidence. With an open-minded approach to new ideas and the rigour to test them, we nurture innovation. Our work is focused through the lens of long-term systems change: we seek to understand what works, what doesn’t work and what we could do better. We learn from all that we do, reflect on our own work and turn our new understanding into action. Through sharing our insightful learning openly, we advance knowledge and help others to make a difference too.

    We are committed

    We believe that change is possible and that we can catalyse it. We know that change can take a long time, and we have the perseverance, patience and conviction to pursue long-term systems change. Our vision of a positive, hopeful future is clear in our minds. We are optimistic, but we are prepared for challenges along the way: by being creative and adaptable, we will find ways through difficulties.