Researching social lettings agencies

The Nationwide Foundation has awarded funding to research the current and future role of social lettings agencies to help improve the experiences of people in need in the private rented sector.

This is project is being jointly funded with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The objectives of the project are to explore:

  1. What role social lettings agencies play in improving access, affordability, quality and stability of housing for people in need?
  2. What social lettings agency models are most successful financially and in maintaining tenancies and why? What does value for money look like? Can social lettings agencies improve property conditions and landlord behaviour?
  3. What social lettings agency models are suitable for different housing markets and/or geographies?
  4. If it is identified that social lettings agencies are improving people’s lives in the private rented sector, what are the conditions that are needed for social lettings agencies to grow and play a more significant role in the provision of decent affordable homes for people in need.

The report is expected to be published in summer 2018. Dissemination of the findings and recommendations will be among local, devolved and national government, as well as funders and social investors.

This project has been funded under the Nationwide Foundation’s Nurturing Ideas to change the Housing System.

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