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Hannah Slater: Tenancy reform is good – but it’s not enough

Hannah Slater

Across the UK, private rented housing is unaffordable, insecure, and unsafe for too many tenants. Major private renting reforms were introduced in Scotland from 2017 aiming to rebalance power relations between landlords and tenants, so that tenants could better assert their rights, challenge rent rises, and ask for repairs.
The Nationwide Foundation believes that much can be learned from the Scottish experience of renting reform. That’s why we are pleased to fund the RentBetter project by Indigo House, which is gathering longitudinal evidence to understand how the changes in Scotland are impacting tenants and landlords. The first wave of the research found that the changes were beneficial for tenants in general.

Scottish private tenants still unaware of their new tenancy rights five years on

Trainers on doormat in home

RentBetter research released today by Indigo House shows that groundbreaking private tenancy reform in Scotland has not been enough to improve conditions for all private tenants. Funded by the Nationwide Foundation, the research will help to inform solutions to issues faced by private tenants across the UK. Private renting reforms introduced in Scotland from 2017 […]