Leigh Pearce steps down as chief executive

Leigh Pearce

Leigh Pearce, the chief executive of the Nationwide Foundation, left the organisation on 30 June 2023.

Leigh has been a key part of the Nationwide Foundation for 17 years, ten of which she served as chief executive. Under Leigh’s leadership, the Foundation successfully built on its strengths as an independent, evidence-led and collaborative charity and has become increasingly influential and respected in the world of affordable housing.

Leigh thoughtfully steered the Foundation’s Decent Affordable Homes strateg to focus on tackling the embedded systemic challenges of the UK housing system to increase the availability of decent, affordable homes for those who need them.

Following this period of service and dedication, Leigh stepped down from her role and the leadership of the Foundation is being handed on for the next stage of its development.

All the trustees and staff at the Nationwide Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank Leigh for her hard work and dedication to the Foundation and our appreciation of all she has achieved.