Generation Rent (Renters’ Reform Coalition)

Funding at a glance

Programme: Transforming the Private Rented Sector
Amount: £150,000
Approved: 2020
Timescale: 12 months
Status: Funding in progress

This supports Generation Rent in hosting the Renters’ Reform Coalition; a group of renters’ voice and support organisations. The coalition looks to improve life for private renters across England by helping shape the upcoming Renters’ Reform Bill.  

Why we are funding this project

Renters should be a central part of any changes proposed to the private rented sector, yet their voices are often absent and not heard in meaningful debate. In response to the government’s announcement in December 2019 that it would bring forward a Renters’ Reform Bill, the Nationwide Foundation is working with Generation Rent and renters’ voice and support organisations to amplify the views of the people who will be most affected by changes to the law.

Strategic purpose

  • The private rented sector provides homes for people in need which are more affordable, secure, accessible and better quality.
  • Tenants will have a stronger voice in debates on the private rented sector and housing.

Project description

In the Queen’s Speech of December 2019, the Westminster government announced that it planned to bring forward a Renters’ Reform Bill to make significant changes to the private rented sector in England.

Among its proposals, the government suggested that it would:

  • Abolish ‘Section 21’ (no-fault) evictions which allow renters to be evicted without any reason given.
  • Introduce a new ‘lifetime deposit’ scheme, which would mean that renters wouldn’t be required to save a new security deposit each time they moved into a new property.
  • Grant renters a ‘right of redress’ if properties are found to be unsafe or not fit for human habitation.

In December 2020, over a year after the government first announced its plans, the formation of the Renters’ Reform Coalition was announced.

The coalition, which brings together renters’ voice and support organisations, plans to ensure that the views of renters are at the centre of legal changes being brought forward. It intends to champion the abolition of so-called ‘no-fault’ evictions, as well as calling on government to improve conditions for renters and creating a system where renters are aware of their legal rights and feel empowered to use them.

For more information, there is a dedicated homepage for the Renters’ Reform Coalition, where regular updates will be posted.

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