Call for proposals for Scottish PRS research

The Nationwide Foundation is inviting proposals to undertake qualitative research and quantitative analysis of the impact on tenants and landlords of changes to the Scottish private rented sector tenancy regime, especially with the recent introduction of the Private Residential Tenancy and the changes to the First-tier Tribunal.

The research would understand the impact of these changes on:
• security of tenure (both perceived and actual)
• access to justice
• affordability
• landlord and tenant conduct
• tenants on a low incomes or tenants in housing need.

The aims of this research are to:
• Understand if and how the changes to the tenancy regime in Scotland are achieving the aims of creating security of tenure, protecting against excessive rent increases and empowering tenants
• Explore and compare tenants’ experiences of living in the PRS under the previous regulations and under the new changes
• Understand the perspectives of landlords, local authorities and support/advice agencies on how the new regulations are working.

The closing date for applications is 1 March 2019.

How to apply