£4m announced for renewed Community Housing Fund

The Nationwide Foundation and its Programme Manager for Backing Community-led Housing, Gary Hartin, have welcomed the announcement of £4m of revenue funding in 2021/22 for community-led housing projects across England. 

Statement from Gary Hartin:

“First and foremost, we warmly welcome the government’s decision to allocate £4m for community-led housing. Along with the National Community Land Trust Network and colleagues across England, we have been pointing out just how important it is that the community-led housing movement receives public funding. Not for a second was this funding been taken for granted, particularly given the difficult economic situation brought about by Covid-19.

“This announcement represents progress toward sustainable funding for community-led housing. Let us not forget, research has shown that for each and every pound of public money invested, £2.80 is generated in public benefit. So, this announcement is good news both in helping community-groups build and also because it makes sound economic sense.

“As things stand, over 10,000 community-led homes are in the pipeline, yet while this funding is a constructive step forward, it won’t get all of those homes built. It’ll come as no surprise that we, along with sector colleagues, will continue to make the case for community-led housing with government. We’ll argue that the recently announced Levelling Up Fund and Shared Prosperity Fund should be open to community groups who want to help solve local housing problems. We’ll also argue that this new version of the Community Housing Fund is a helpful starting point, rather than a complete solution.

“For over a decade, the Nationwide Foundation has supported community-led housing. It’s the simple idea that local people know best how to build homes where they’re needed and wanted, at prices people can truly afford. The renewal of the Community Housing Fund is a small step towards a destination where cities, towns and villages are empowered and supported to create their own housing solutions.”

More information about the Nationwide Foundation’s Backing Community-led Housing programme.