2022: entering a new phase for the Nationwide Foundation’s strategy

The Nationwide Foundation has begun phase three of its Decent Affordable Homes strategy. Decent Affordable Homes, which started in 2013 and is due to run until at least 2031, has the aim of increasing the availability of decent, affordable homes for people in housing need.

Since the Decent Affordable Homes strategy’s launch eight years ago, it has evolved and moved forwards, taking note of the learning and evidence generated and built along the way. Moving into phase three of its strategy, the Nationwide Foundation has reconfirmed its commitment to systems change within the UK’s housing sector.   

Moving into phase three, the Nationwide Foundation’s work will continue through the existing programmes. Results from a recent strategic review found that all three programmes remain relevant to increasing the availability of decent affordable homes. The programmes are:

Importantly, the new phase will see the Nationwide Foundation continue to use its resources to test promising ideas and build evidence of solutions to change our housing system.

The Nationwide Foundation has introduced a new ambitious commitment to map the housing system and collaborate with key players to work collectively for reform. This strategic stream of work will seek to truly understand how the housing system works – and how it fails – and most importantly, how it can be transformed.

Leigh Pearce, Chief Executive of the Nationwide Foundation said: “As things stand, many people are trapped in homes that are not healthy, happy places to live and often housing costs outstrip what people can truly afford to pay. This is a result of housing policy decisions that have been made over many years. But different decisions can be made, and a housing system that makes decent and genuinely affordable homes available to everyone can be created.”

“Phase three will see us continuing the valuable work that started in phase two.  Working with existing grant-holders and others, the evidence and learning will be put to good use. We’ll work to make sure that reform to the UK’s housing system is based on solid evidence and is underpinned with a commitment to both decency and affordability.”

That’s why we’re here and why we remain committed to our vision for everyone in the UK to have access to a decent home that they can afford.”

Further information can be found in the Our Strategy section.