The Smith Institute (funding complete)

Funding at a glance

Amount: £50,000
Approved: 2015
Status: Funding complete

Using funding from the Nationwide Foundation, the Smith Institute has carried out research examining the prospects for scaling up community-led housing for the creation of more decent affordable homes for people in need.

Community-led housing includes community land trusts, cooperative housing, self and custom-build and cohousing. The research reveals that this type of housing is often innovative; has environmentally sustainable designs; is built to high standards; pays close attention to local housing need; and most importantly, is genuinely affordable.

The research sets out what needs to change to enable local communities to provide more of the homes they need using these alternative housing models.

The Smith Institute launched the report in January 2016 at an event in the Houses of Parliament, support by Clive Betts MP, the chair of the DCLG Select Committee, as well as a panel of other housing experts.

The research findings also support the work of the Building and Social Housing Foundation establishing a community-led housing alliance.

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