Leeds Action to Create Homes (Latch), Leeds (funding complete)

Funding at a glance

Amount: £105,000 grant
Approved: 2016
Status: Funding complete

Latch refurbishes empty, derelict houses in the deprived Chapeltown, Hareshill and Burley areas of Leeds to tackle homelessness in the area.

Funding from the Nationwide Foundation is contributing towards creating 16 homes from empty properties in east Leeds. These homes are for families and individuals with housing needs. Latch provides its tenants with intensive tenancy support specific to individuals’ needs. It also runs a volunteering programme for people who are low-skilled and unemployed and this project will support up to 24 volunteers and trainees.

The Nationwide Foundation’s grant is being used for some of the renovation, salary and volunteer costs.

Latch previously received funding from the Nationwide Foundation in 2013. More about this funding.

More about Latch at www.latch.org.uk

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