Golden Lane Housing (funding complete)

Funding at a glance

Amount: £50,000 social investment
Approved: 2013
Status: Funding complete

The Nationwide Foundation supported Golden Lane Housing’s social investment bond. Golden Lane Housing is a subsidiary of Mencap and together with Triodos Bank, they developed a bond which enabled them to purchase homes for people with a learning disability, providing them with supported living. 

Golden Lane Housing provides homes which enable the tenants with learning difficulties to live where and with whom they want and make decisions about their own future. Most adults with learning disabilities cannot afford a home of their own and they have to live with parents or in care institutions. As a result, they lack independence.

The £10 million bond, was structured to give investors like the Nationwide Foundation a 4% return in interest and after five years it returned the Foundation’s entire investment.

“Sarah, James, Claire and Elizabeth moved into their new home in 2013”

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