Community Campus 87, Hartlepool and Teeside (funding complete)

Funding at a glance

Amount: £74,732 grant
Approved: 2016
Status: Funding complete

Community Campus 87 tackles youth homelessness in Teeside, by offering a range of services including affordable housing, training opportunities, construction services and personal development.

Funding from the Nationwide Foundation is contributing to the renovation of two properties which will provide affordable housing to young people in housing need. During the process of renovating the homes, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities for local unemployed people are available.

In addition, the grant is enabling Community Campus 87 to coordinate and expand community-led empty homes activity across Teeside, by supporting other local organisations wanting to carry out similar projects.

The Nationwide Foundation’s grant is being used for some of the renovation costs and also towards a salary for an employee to deliver the development work with other organisations.

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