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Amount: £90,060
Approved: 2016
Status: Funding complete

Using the funding it received from the Nationwide Foundation, Age UK London researched the challenges faced by older private renters in London. In October 2017, the report Living in Fear: Experiences of Older Private-Renters in London, was published.

Age UK London’s research showed that although the typical discussion of the rental market focusses upon the difficulties faced by younger renters and families with children, many of these issues are faced by the older generation too. In fact, these problems frequently have an especially large impact upon the wellbeing of older people – particularly in terms of health and social care, as greater emphasis is being placed on people managing conditions at home.

In addition, whilst a younger person might reasonably expect or hope to increase their earnings as their career develops, an increase in income is not often the case for an older person. As a result, many older Londoners are challenged with escalating rent costs.

Ever-increasing rents, combined with short-term tenancy agreements, have left many older renters living with a constant fear of eviction. Accordingly, many older people felt they could not truly call the place they lived a “home” and some were afraid to contact their landlord for essential repairs and maintenance through fear of being viewed as a “problem tenant”.

London’s older private tenants have raised concern in four main areas: the lack of security surrounding Assured Shorthold Tenancies; pensions not keeping up with rent increases; the failure of landlords to respond to requests for repairs; and the effects the state of disrepair can have upon older people’s health.

Age UK London is using the report to influence policymakers and relevant agencies in London, to improve the experiences of older tenants in the private rented sector.

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