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Funding at a glance

Programme: Backing Community-Led Housing
Amount: £675,242 grant
Approved: 2019
Timescale: Three years
Status: Funding in progress

Building the capacity, scale and sustainability of the co-operative and community-led housing sector in Wales.

Why we are funding this project

This major project will lead to greater demand for and delivery of the co-operative and community-led housing model, which has the potential to become a mainstream housing option in Wales.

Strategic purpose

This research supports the Backing Community-Led Housing programme as a way of increasing delivery of homes for people in need. It ensures better access to the information, support, advice and technical expertise that is needed to progress community-led housing schemes.

Project description

The project will deliver a comprehensive package of support that helps Welsh co-operative and community-led housing groups through all stages of a housing scheme.

With funding from the Nationwide Foundation and the Welsh Parliament, the Wales Co-operative Centre’s Communities Creating Homes programme is working with communities and organisations across Wales to support the growth of the co-operative and community-led housing sector, to deliver more affordable housing for people in need.

Wales Co-operative Centre is offering organisations comprehensive support, which is free of charge and tailored to the needs of each scheme. The project is expected to lead to a thriving co-operative and community-led housing sector in Wales; a sector which is already known for its professionalism and collaborative approach.

The project offers four stages of support, with the aim to:

  • Increase awareness of co-operative and community led housing models, to improve knowledge about the available support and how to access it;
  • Facilitate networking between groups at similar stages of development;
  • Deliver a bespoke support programme throughout the lifecycle of the project;
  • Educate and influence key stakeholders to remove the known barriers to stimulate more co-operative and community-led housing development.

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