Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust (Hact)

Funding at a glance

Programme: Backing Community-Led Housing
Amount: £92,761 grant
Approved: 2017
Timescale:  Six months
Status: Funding complete

This project created an online toolkit that collates all the documentation and resources required to develop a community-led housing scheme.

Why we funded this project

To provide local authorities and housing associations in England and Wales with the technical information and guidance they need to promote, support and deliver community-led housing schemes.

Strategic purpose

To deliver better access to information, support, advice and technical expertise that is needed to progress a community-led housing scheme.

Project description

In May 2018, Hact launched a technical toolkit of materials that brought together, for the first time, all the specialist documentation required to develop a community-led housing scheme into one place. The online toolkit is free and has over 200 pages, with huge amounts of information about community-led housing, as well as signposts to external online points of reference as well. Each page has a selection of real-life examples of successful schemes, as well as templates and sample documents.

This toolkit is targeted at local authorities and housing associations who play critical roles in enabling community-led housing schemes, yet don’t always know where to find the information they need.

Hact also received funding from LandAid and Ecology Building Society for this project.

The community-led housing toolkit is now hosted by Community Led Homes and can be accessed here.


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