How we’ll make positive changes

We want to influence systemic changes to the housing system by supporting, testing and evidencing solutions for increasing the availability of decent affordable homes for people in need. The main way that we influence for positive change is by funding the right charitable causes. We also carry out our own work directly to persuade key change-makers.

To make systemic change happen, we use all the resources available to us to:

  • Support new ideas for solutions
    We are open-minded and receptive to taking risks by experimenting with untried and innovative ideas. We also promote these ideas to share best practice.
  • Support practical experience to learn what works on the ground
    We are keen to understand how interventions can improve housing conditions in communities and for individuals. Grassroots involvement ensures we stay close to emerging issues.
  • Connect those with knowledge to those with power to make change happen at scale
    We are of the strong belief that changes which happen at local level, must be given the support from those with influence to allow solutions to scale-up, multiply and expand. We work to strengthen the connection and meaningful dialogue between those working on the ground and those who can shape policy.
  • We collaborate and engage with others
    Working alone will only take us so far, so we endeavour to work effectively with other charitable organisations, stakeholders, key opinion-formers and policymakers who share our commitment and passion to increasing the availability of decent affordable homes.

We focus our intervention on delivering three programmes where we award funding and use our influence.

Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System

Backing Community-Led Housing

Transforming the Private Rented Sector

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