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Safe, Secure and Affordable: A Renters’ Blueprint for Reform

A diverse coalition of organisations have come together as the Renters’ Reform Coalition to offer solutions for reform to the private rented sector. The Nationwide Foundation both funds and contributes an active member of the coalition, which also includes national housing and homelessness charities, renter unions, advice centres, and thinktanks. This week the coalition launched […]

2022: entering a new phase for the Nationwide Foundation’s strategy

The Nationwide Foundation has begun phase three of its Decent Affordable Homes strategy. Decent Affordable Homes, which started in 2013 and is due to run until at least 2031, has the aim of increasing the availability of decent, affordable homes for people in housing need. Since the Decent Affordable Homes strategy’s launch eight years ago, […]

Natalie Tate: Talking about housing: let’s get this conversation started

Natalie Tate

News stories about housing are all around us. Whether directly or indirectly, we read and hear stories about housing all the time. Yet the messages are so mixed, that tuning into the important points can be confusing. Is housing about the state of the economy? Is it about your health? About your kids doing well […]

New programme manager joins Nationwide Foundation to lead its private rented sector programme

The Nationwide Foundation has announced the recruitment of a new manager for its Transforming the Private Rented Sector programme, with Hannah Slater taking up the role in early December. Hannah joins the Nationwide Foundation from the campaigns team at the homelessness charity Crisis. Hannah Slater said: “Getting private renting right is essential for levelling up […]

A limited time offer for Rishi Sunak

“While he has few easy options, renewing the Community Housing Fund would be popular, would deliver truly affordable homes and would represent a decent return on investment.” Gary Hartin, Programme Manager for the Nationwide Foundation’s Backing Community-Led Housing programme. Most of us have been there at one time or another, doing the weekly shop, with […]

12,000 community-led homes hang in the balance ahead of October spending review, reveals new report

Research launched today by the Community Land Trust Network has found that over 12,000 community-led homes could be built if the chancellor commits £65 million of new funding in October’s spending review.

Jointly funded by the Nationwide Foundation and Power to Change, the research considered the state of England’s community-led […]

Jonathan Lewis: Planning reform must increase, not hinder, the supply of genuinely affordable homes.

The government’s Planning Bill is expected to offer an al a carte menu, but if it takes forward the proposals as set out in the Planning White Paper, while it would have some satisfying appetisers, I worry that the main course may be less palatable. Few dispute proposals to speed up the planning system, update […]

Leigh Pearce: Affordable housing must be at the heart of the Government’s legislative agenda

In May 2021, the Queen’s Speech provided an opportunity for ministers to put affordable housing centre stage. Alongside promises to abolish Section 21 evictions and reform the planning system, the government’s proposals must boost social housing and tackle our affordability crisis. According to the Affordable Housing Commission, 20% of all households were concerned about the affordability of […]

Review into private rented sector raises concerns for lower-income renters

A blend of issues, including reduced investment in social housing, changes to the benefits system and buy-to-let landlords leaving the market have been highlighted in new research by Dr Julie Rugg from the University of York. In Property Supply to the Lower End of the English Private Rented Sector, questions are posed about how sustainable […]

Nationwide Foundation welcomes launch of new renters’ coalition

The Nationwide Foundation has welcomed the official launch of the Renters’ Reform Coalition, a group of 20 leading charities, think-tanks, housing and renter organisations of which it is a founding member and funder. The Coalition’s launch coincides with the two-year anniversary of the government’s commitment to end so-called ‘no-fault’ evictions from private rented sector properties. […]